Track and Book Samples
Happy Beats for Young Children
Happy Beats audio sample                   Happy Beats book page sample

Songs around the World for Young Children
Okina Taiko Audio Sample                 Okina Taiko Sample Page pdf

Dances around the World for Young Children
Bridge of Avignon Audio Sample        Bridge of Avignon Sample pdf

Yogaplay and Relaxation for Young Children
Jungle Walk Audio Sample                  Jungle Walk Sample Page pdf

Music for Little People / Songs, Rhymes & Lullabies
A Ram Sam Sam Audio Sample           A Ram Sam Sam Sample page pdf

Favourite Songs for Young Children
Shane & Josh Audio Sample                  Shane & Josh Sample Page pdf

Using Music and Movement in Impulse Control and Self Regulation.
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Music and Brain Research
Multisensory Music
Music and the Early Years Learning Framework
Relaxation to Support Wellbeing For Young Children
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